The Dominance of the GT by Juniors will Give Way to the Majors

Over the next few years, juniors with deposits and promising ground will be bought by the majors, generating huge returns for shareholders of the juniors.

In mining as well as technology and most other fields, it is the nimble entrepreneurs who make the discoveries and innovations that change the world: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg in technology; Chick Fipke, Ross Beaty, Bob Dickinson in mining. In both fields, small companies take the risks and make the big discoveries that generate huge returns for investors.

Those tech innovators built companies around their innovations that are now global leaders. In the mining world, the discoveries are more likely to be bought by larger companies. Either way, early shareholders can make fortunes.

The majors have always played a role in the Golden Triangle. The junior exploration companies have been at the center of, or at least heavily involved in, nearly every success story in the Golden Triangle.

Remember, Pretium was created a decade ago to acquire the Brucejack exploration property from Silver Standard. Newcrest’s existing asset in the Golden Triangle, the Red Chris mine, was found by junior explorers and developed by a small producer.

An upcoming article will pit the accomplishments of the majors against the juniors in the fascinating history of this once remote mining district.